UX Camp CPH 2019

Registration for UX Camp CPH 2019 is open for people who registered for the ticket raffle.

The registration for the raffle was open from March 25 to March 29. People participating in the raffle have now been placed on a waiting list. The "winners" of the raffle (the first 236 people on the waiting list) can now register for UX Camp CPH 2019 (May 3-4).

The general rule is that you have two days to register from the time a spot opens up on the preliminary list of participants.

If registered for the ticket raffle, but is not on the preliminary list of participants, then you can check how many people is in front of you on the waiting list.

Registration for UX Camp CPH 2019

UX Camp CPH 2019 was held May 3, 2019 at 17:00-23:59

How much?
The event is primarily supported by our generous sponsors. The tickets are, however, sold with a price tag of 150 DKK (approx. €20) to add a level of commitment to the registration, and to limit the amount of no-shows. We would be sad to see empty seats while turning people away at the ticket stand.

If you get a ticket and cannot attend the camp, please cancel your registration or let us know at uxcamp@uxcampcph.org. We can then pass it on to someone on the waiting list, so we all can enjoy a fully booked event – The more, the merrier!

What’s included?
A ticket will give you access to both days of the camp. This includes food and coffee for everybody during the camp and entry to the dinner and party on Saturday evening (wow, amazing stuff, huh?!).

The ticket is personal
Please do not promise your ticket to anyone else. The UX Camp CPH team handles the waiting list to ensure fairness all around. This applies even to last-minute cancellations due to illness, etc.

Selling or changing the name on a ticket will result in cancellation!